Transgender Teens

Sometimes Caution is the Right Approach, by Lisa Marchiano in Psyched, March 20, 2017

“Few of the therapists were sympathetic to Marci and James’ cautious approach to putting their child on body-altering medication. Marci said that two of the therapists even chastised her for what they perceived as her “homophobia.”

Marci and James’ story is not unusual. More and more parents with similar stories are finding their way to sites such as the blog 4thwavenow, which describes itself as “a community of parents and friends skeptical of the transgender child/teen trend.”

These parents say that too often, therapists, school administrators, and even family and friends rebuke and criticize them for not immediately affirming their child’s identity and going along with plans for medical intervention.”

Of course, I would argue where children are concerned, caution is always the only approach.


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